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For as long as I can remember I have loved art, and the process of styling hair and makeup. My mother was my first inspiration. I remember she would grab her frosty blue eyeliner and warm it up with a lighter to then effortlessly and intensely line her eyes. One day she handed the lighter and pencil to me, saying "you try." So I did and that’s the first trick I learned! The first makeup product that I owned was a watermelon Kissing Kooler by Maybelline. Nevermind the fact that I was in 5th grade, using something with the word 'kissing' on it. I loved how it smelled, tasted, and felt! Then one wonderful day, I came across a purple Estee Lauder eyeliner pencil that I found in my Grandmas bathroom and she said that I could have it! In my mind, it was my lucky day and that was my first eyeliner pencil!


Fast Forward to my twenties when I began doing makeup on friends, styling their hair, or painting their nails just for the fun of it. They would look in the mirror widely smiling and ask how I did it! It felt so wonderful to see them so happy. Also I was perplexed that they didn’t just see or know what I did!  And so the realization came that I had cultivated an art unbeknownst to myself. My friends then encouraged me to pursue makeup and hairstyling as a career. After touring a cosmetology school I knew right away I wanted to be there and when I got back to my car, I sat, and... cried. No seriously, I cried: like, A LOT. I was just SO happy! This is when I found my formal education at The Temple, a Paul Mitchell partner school and graduated in 2014 as a licensed cosmetologist.


Now I've had the pleasure to have worked on documentaries, photoshoots, commercials, runway shows, events, & more… I love creating picture perfect looks. The credits? Family who love me, friends who encouraged me, photographers, producers and clients that support me, mentors teaching me, and other stylists that invite me to work alongside them.  I wouldn't have a Kool story without you!

Thank you.



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